Monthly Archives: June 2018

Steps to a Fast Start in the TBC Community 

  1. Receive the Gift
  2. Complete Kringle Cash Profile
  3. Pass the Send Button Test
  4. Pay the $10 Admin Fee
  5. Set up New Wallet
  6. Set up a YouTube Broadcast
  7. Schedule a 30 Minute Broadcast inside Kringle Cash Back Office (KCBO)
  8. Do your Broadcast
  9. Purchase $100 of Kringle’s
  10. Complete the Transaction Verification on the Buyers Side in KCBO
  11. Have the Seller Approve your Transaction on the Sellers Side in KCBO
  12. Select a Broadcaster and become their Partner
  13. Sign up everyone in your household and help them to receive the Gift—even babies
  14. Help each member of your household to complete the steps above
  15. Receive a 50% commission on each member of your household from your Partner
  16. Make a list of the 10 closest people to you in your life outside your household
  17. Invite all 10 of them to receive the Gift and then complete the steps above
  18. Start 50 new chat sessions on Facebook using a GIF Icebreaker
  19. Show interest in each of these Facebook friends that respond to your Icebreaker
  20. Once chat dialog is showing open friendliness invite them to receive the Gift
  21. Help those that receive the Gift to complete the steps above
  22. Work your Broadcast Leads inside of KCBO
  23. Study the Blog daily

Guidelines for Successful Resolution

  1. Payment support issues must be submitted to it can be found on any payment page in Kringle.Cash. We will validate your information automatically and if your payment is found we will process your request through this page only. Ticket Support and this Help Desk cannot address your payment support issue. Please understand that you will receive an automated reply that will direct you to that payment support page.
  2. Email Addresses: If you do not supply a registered email address we cannot help you. Please use your registered Kringle.Cash, tbc004, tbc009 or .info email address.
  3. Tickets by Proxy: We’re sorry we cannot help your downline or your sponsor, if you are the sponsor of someone who requires support, please send them the portal link and have them use their registered address. Our policy is to verify identity of the requester and if the help ticket is not for you, then we cannot assist you.
  4. Please submit one ticket for one issue. Once you have submitted a ticket the screen will show it’s submitted and you’ll see that you have a ticket under open tickets. Please do not send the same ticket over and over again, one ticket is all you need. If you are found to be spamming the ticket system, we will suspend your access to the ticket portal until we have resolved your primary ticket.
  5. Closed Tickets: If your help desk agent has resolved your item we will close the ticket and no further action would be required from you. If your issue is NOT yet resolved but your ticket is closed, you can REOPEN the ticket by replying to the email or coming to the portal to do so. DO NOT send another ticket as you will loose your place in the support queue.
  6. Lastly, This is a help desk…we’re here to help you. Suggestions, Accolades, or Complaints may not be replied to and should be directed toward your leaders or broadcasters. We will review your submission but we’re here to help those we can to a successful resolution.

Click HERE to watch FULL VIDEO on the New Help Desk (New TBC support system)