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Send Button Terms



Discounting will be investigated and you will lose access to your send button immediately if it’s found to not be in compliance with the TBC Daily Price.  Take your time, do the math, get it right.  You’re given this opportunity as a privilege and it can be removed if you do not follow the instructions here.  The Daily price is at , it changes DAILY, so always check to ensure you are sending the correct amount.  ANY AND ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE SUBJECT TO REVIEW AND INVESTIGATION!

Failure to comply with the investigations will result in the loss of this privilege.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in the loss of the privilege.

Failure to provide TBC at the daily price will result in the loss of the privilege.

If you have a transaction backlog from before send buttons were suspended YOU MUST SUBMIT that backlog for review and approve your transactions.  You will be given a deadline to complete your backlog.

There are a few items you must adhere to when sending TBC, the state of the coin network requires that any recipient of TBC have a NEW web wallet address.  New registrations since November 2017 have new wallet addresses and you can use those without requesting a new web wallet address.
There is a trusted seller portal at, you must first login with your registered account using the email address of your registered account.

 trusted seller menu

There are two items of importance,

  1. Search Trusted sellers, you can check if your buyer is a trusted seller, active and paid member of, or get their web wallet address by searching their email address, you can also search their web wallet address and get their email address.
  2. Request New Wallet:This function is critical, you must always first request a new web wallet address for any member who joined beforeNovember 2017, any member older than that will have an old web wallet address and your transaction WILL NOT BE RECEIVED if you send to an old wallet.

Simply fill out the form with the email address of the buyer and submit.

new wallet request

You will then need to come back 24 hours later and your request will be completed.

When complete you’ll see the new wallet address as shown.  If you come back and your request is not yet complete you may have to wait a little longer.
It is very important that you receive a new web wallet address .  If you are unsure of their date of joining, simply request the address anyway.
If you see no wallet found, then the email address was not registered yet, you can have the member register and any web wallet they give you at that time will be a new wallet.

If you do not see a New Wallet address, wait until it says Status is complete.

IF you receive an error, it may be that someone has already requested this email address or you have already done so, at that time check the trusted seller search.

Please note if the wallet address that is returned as completed matches the same web wallet address your buyer has given, then their wallet address is NEW already.

In trusted seller search

You can enter an email address or a web wallet address.  The following would be returned.

trusted seller

The users old address and new address are shown, The old address doesn’t have an * in the RCV column.
Please read the instructions on each form.

Please note: As a trusted seller this is an important responsibility for you to ensure that the recipient has a new wallet address and you send to that wallet.  Any transaction sent to an old wallet address will fail and will require support to clean up that wallet.

When sending your transaction ONLY SEND IT ONCE. And make sure that your sent transaction has a confirmation status of complete before sending another.
Ideally start with 10-15 minutes in between transactions.


All transactions are subject to investigation, for any amount, any frequency and at any time.  Mistakes and errors happen, we understand but repeated mistakes will result in the loss of this privilege as well. 

WARNING: DO NOT SEND LARGE AMOUNTS OF TBC OR PROCEED WITH BACKLOGS, GIFTS or ANY LARGE TRANSACTIONS WITHOUT STATING YOUR INTENTION TO DO SO VIA EMAIL. YOUR BUTTON WILL BE REVOKED. IT WILL BE ASSUMED TO BE DISCOUNTING. We monitor ALL transactions, and any and ALL transactions can be investigated.  Sending multiple transactions under $500 to the same recipient will also be investigated.

You must contact before proceeding with large transactions or backlogs.

Lastly, This email address ( ) is the investigator of TBC Police, this is not support and support emails will not be answered here.  If you have any questions regarding any email SENT by you may reply and expect an answer….but this address is not to be used for support or side stepping the support process.  Thank you!

Be smart and thank you for your support of TBC, make it great!

This video will guide you on how to use the trusted seller portal.

There will be a new menu item in Kringle.Cash for the Send Button, you must login to Kringle.Cash with the same Email address we have turned the send button on for (the address you are receiving this email) in order to see the Send Button Menu item in Kringle.Cash.  This is a link that is posted before meetings with leaders who will give you guidance now that your button is on.  The topic will vary each week and times will be different so check the link often for updates.  Also review for up to date announcements and info.