Introducing payment of $10 fee with Litecoin


Due to the high Bitcoin transaction fee and issues with Bitcoin, the TBC Admin has introduced another payment option and that is Litecoin.

Watch this video to learn how to access the Litecoin payment option especially those who have not paid there $10 fee.

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Please follow below steps to install app on your iOS device: Open the below URL on Safari Browser, and install your preferred PWA version:…

Also below are important links for your attentions especially paying the kringle cash $10 fee, promoting TBC Gift offer etc;

  • Click HERE to Download Fudmart Bitcoin Service App to buy and send Bitcoin instantly (Available to Nigerians and some European countrIes Google PlayStore).
  • Click HERE to learn How to pay $10 fee with Bitcoin (Step by Step instruction).
  • Click HERE to learn How to promote TBC gift offer.
  • Click HERE to learn How to get FREE TBC for Non TBC members.

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