How to Pay Kringle Cash annual $10 fee with Bitcoin

Let’s get started….

Step by Step Actions to pay the $10 fee with Bitcoin for Kringle Cash platform

Step 1: Register for Kringle Cash account and Get FREE 0.0005TBC(50,000 kringles). Use the link below to register yours if you have not done so.

Click HERE to get step by step instructions on how to register for the kringle cash account.

But if you already have a Kringle cash account, simply move to Step 2.

Step 2: After validating your Kringle Cash account via E-mail, Login with to your Dashboard and go the Menu on the left hand side of your Screen then Select “Your Account“. See image below:

kr dashboard

Step 3: Once you are inside your account page, you will required to chose between paying with Credit Card or Bitcoin. Select Pay with Bitcoin and you will see a form with Bitcoin wallet address specific to you, with the Bitcoin amount for annual subscription of $10 and Monthly subscription of $1 to use the Kringle Cash Back Office. You will also notice in the form, space for Account Status will be empty.

eligible 1

So, go ahead and pay $10 annual subscription fee with Bitcoin (if you have) OR Click HERE to Download Fudmart Bitcoin Service App from Google Playstore if you do not have Bitcoin, then buy and pay from the App OR fill out the Form below if you want me to pay for the $10 fee in Bitcoin on your behalf (Terms and Conditions apply).

Step 4: After purchasing your Bitcoin and paying to the Bitcoin wallet address in your account. Take note of your Transaction ID/Hash ID, and after 24 hours  with two confirmations on your Bitcoin payment, your account status and date of payment will change. See image below:


But if your account is not confirmed after 24hrs, simply send an Email with your Kringle Cash Username, Bitcoin address you paid to, Amount paid in Bitcoin, Transaction ID/Hash ID to and you will notified with an Email that your account has been updated and access granted.

Note: For you to be a Trusted seller and have your SEND button activated on your wallet in due time, you need to pay the $10 fee for your Kringle Cash backoffice.

So, Hurry now and Take action Today!

Click on the Button below to Download The Billion Coin App.


For more information on cryptocurrency esp The Billion Coin (TBC), Online business and Network Marketing,

Call/Text 08036873138


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