Latest E-mail update on OneGram Coin


The much-anticipated wait is over and OneGram is pleased to announce that the first phase of the sale has now been successfully closed. The sale has been divided into sold coins and coins reserved for institutional allocation.

In light of the success OneGram has had and to ensure that we can meet the grueling timelines we have set, OneGram has decided to outsource certain functions to professional and reputed organisations. The functions that have been outsourced are Digital Marketing, Cyber Security and Secondary Institutional resales.

The digital marketing will be managed by Edmond Elders of London, the Cyber Security and blockchain will be handled by 9055134 Canada Inc. and the secondary institutional resales will be outsourced to Ideal Technologies that plan to distribute through Vizionary.

Our partnership with Ideal Technologies has pushed back timelines however in the long term this decision was made in the best interest of OGC. This initiative has required us to hire a much bigger team to implement the block chain and security systems. Originally OGC was intended to be launched in October 2017, the schedule has been updated to the first quarter of 2018 to ensure that we launch a solid and secure technology solution.

The driving force behind OneGram is our hunger for success and support from our coin holders and with this in mind we have negotiated an amazing offer for existing coin holders that would see them achieve a return of 25% by reselling their OGC. The OGC would be purchased back by OneGram which is part of the agreement that was negotiated with Ideal Technologies and the purchase will begin no later than the end of December 2017.

OGC holders that do not wish to resell can continue to hold their OGC and remain a part of OneGram and enjoy the success that the coming months and years will bring. The OneGram team is expanding, the OneGram corporation is growing and the OneGram family is global.

In keeping with Islamic principles of fairness and transparency, in the unlikely event that any coin holder is not in agreement of the current business direction OneGram has taken, a full and immediate refund will be offered.

With these new developments, we have ensured that the interests of everyone concerned, associated to OneGram are met and everyone can benefit financially from its success.

Further Investor queries can be directed to

For more information on Cryptocurrency esp The Billion Coin, One Gram Coin, Bitcoin etc, Online Business and Network Marketing,

Call/Text +2348036873138


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