Leaders Do What Others Won’t – TBC Admin


Good news!  10,000 Permanent Tester ID’s have been issued!  Back Up Testers should be getting their email to set up their tester account and need to complete the Questionnaire now.  (Check Spam and Junk folders)  Testers please login to the tester website and open up the drop down menu of “Account” and click “Edit Profile” (Complete Profile is you haven’t already) and you will see “Final Tester ID” there on the top right side.  CONGRATULATIONS!  1 through 10000 tester numbers have been issued permanently!  Don’t be concerned about what number you got, you are all in the tester category and your number doesn’t mean anything else.  But the race to the top begins soon…

As mention before in previous articles the Tester Website will have a 10 by 4 Leadership Matrix with Bitcoin Randy at the top.  The 10 spots below Bitcoin Randy will be filled with the remaining Elected Leaders and a select number of other outstanding leaders from the field.  Once you are able to see this matrix in the back office of the tester website, those 11 positions will already be occupied.  The 100 positions through the 1,000 and 10,000 will start out unoccupied.  Soon after a TBC Promotional Performance page will become available.  It will show the totals of all 20,000 Testers/Back-Up-Testers of the totals of their Kringle Cash Referrals and Number in Santa’s List.  All Testers will be asked to get at least 100 Referrals before August 3rd, 2017!  The Ten Leaders below Bitcoin Randy will start inviting Testers from their respective countries that have at least 100 Referrals to join their teams filling in the 100 positions below them collectively.  These requests start going out immediately once the TBC Promotional Performance page becomes available.  Then on August 3rd, these 100 Leaders will select and invite those that have achieved the objective of 100 Referrals from the Tester Group and exhaust that before going to the Back Up Testers that have already achieved that same objective of getting 100 Referrals each to fill in the group of 1,000 Leaders.  Admin will evaluate the remaining field of Testers and Back Up Testers at that time, and will give further instructions on how we shall proceed.

To be the very 1st to use the Fiat Bank Exchange is NOT A Right–It is a Privilege!  So far, Admin has only asked you to own 0.01 TBC; pay the $10 annual fee for your Kringle Cash Back Office; and complete a simple Questionnaire.  We currently have almost a half million members and there are only 20,000 of you that qualified to get in on this Privilege Opportunity.  Whenever you build a Leadership structure, you need to make sure to let the cream of those Leaders rise to the top!  We really do need to encourage ALL of our TBC Members to get out there and promote TBC and build out our numbers so the Bank will remain interested in a long-term relationship with our private group.  Clearly this is in all of your hands, Admin has done their part!  Admin created a concept coin (the 1st “Abundance-Based” Crypto-currency modeled after Bitcoin); spent countless hours promoting it and team-building out a large community; built and maintained a number of relevant websites to support the TBC coin and made an effort to bring all of that into multiple key languages; and now has brought you “The Perfect Exit Strategy” by forming a relationship with a super powerful bank!  All the while protecting the TBC coin and it’s code from being attacked by those both on the inside as well as the outside.  Admin has completed a “Mission Impossible.”  So, I hope you don’t mind me saying:  “It pisses me off when I ask those that I’m turning into Millionaires and Billionaires to help us give away some Kringles to help us all SUCCEED and then those same people complain about doing some work!”  Most of you only purchased $100 of TBC for goodness sake!  Congratulations to those that purchased early!  Admin cares about Earth and those that dwell upon it!  Poverty should have been eradicated a long time ago, but the Good people of Earth fell asleep and let the Evil people take over everything.  WAKE UP!  SLEEP EQUALS DEATH NOW!  I’m acutely AWAKE!  I realize I need you all to WAKE UP TOO so we can protect each other.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to read my blog, then you will see what I’m saying is the truth!  You have a thousand reasons to promote TBC, and only one reason not to promote it if you are already a member–YOU’RE LAZY!!!

Getting 100 Referrals is simple and only takes 2 to 3 days of effort following the training provided in Brian’s Updates!  It’s a GIVE AWAY!  You don’t have to be a salesperson.  Just follow the instructions in your Kringle Cash back office.  I know many of you who have hesitated because of the recent backlog, that’s pretty much behind us now.  Do a transaction and see for yourself, it confirms pretty quick now.  Tech problems come and go, don’t get hung up on them.

Well, naturally the cream will rise to the top, and the higher up in the Leadership Matrix you get the better for you.  Instructions are coming on how to set up your account with the Bank, and you will need at least one form of “Official” ID because accounts are limited to one per Tester.  You will need to pay some normal bank fees, just like setting up an account at any other bank.  We are negotiating with the bank still to accept TBC for those, but most likely you will need to pay for those in Bitcoin because shipping out a TBC Visa Card to you will likely cost in Bitcoin.  Shipping Plastic Cards is not free, you know what I mean?  Forms and video productions will also be needed to be done carefully following instructions.  If you can’t follow promotional instructions in Kringle Cash, then we can’t believe you can follow instructions on properly establishing an account with the Bank to complete a TBC to Fiat exchange.  The TBC community is desperately in need of many more Leaders.  Admin cannot keep up with all the questions and concerns coming from the TBC community that is almost a half million people and growing–exponentially.  The honest truth is LEADERS DO WHAT OTHERS WON’T!  Are you a Leader?  If you are, the whole world is counting on you in order to survive, and then one day to THRIVE! – Culled from blog.thebillioncoin.info

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