Four reasons why OneGram Coin is the Safest and most secure investment


In the world of digital currency, OneGram is the safest, most secure investment you can make – and here are FOUR reasons :

1. Because it’s backed by real gold, OneGram is always at least equal to the spot price of gold – so OneGram has a floor price.

2. All our accounts are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and are insured against theft and damage.

3. Buying digital currency can be a difficult and complex process. But our safe and securelicensed partner site GoldGuard makes things easy, and transactions are private and near-instant.

4. If you’re a Muslim, it’s also great to know that OneGram complies with the Sharia Gold Standard, so you can feel safe knowing that your investment will respect your values as well as offering a great return.

OneGram is the safest investment in the digital currency world – will you invest today? 
Time is running out – there are just two months left to invest in our ICO, so don’t delay. 

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