10,000 Emails Sent Out to the Testers Yesterday


Yesterday we sent out login and passwords to the 10,000 Testers from no-reply@testers.cash (be sure to check your spam and junk folders if you don’t see this email in your Inbox) to gain access to the Test Site.  So far 1,644 have logged into the Test Site.  We will give the Testers this weekend to enter the site.  Then on Monday we will send login and passwords to the Back Up Testers.  So far we have 3,988 Back Up Testers.  The Questionnaire database was not quite ready by the time we sent out the emails, but that Tester Questionnaire should be done by this weekend, so if you have logged in and didn’t see the questionnaire, keep checking back each day until you see it.  The 1st 10,000 to complete the Questionnaire and based on their answers get approved will be the Testers.  You will have to own at least 0.01 TBC coins to have enough to participate in the Testing of the Fiat Exchange.  If you don’t own that much, you must be really new to TBC; so feel free to purchase at least that amount at the Current Price–Don’t buy from Discounters because Buyers wallets get suspended too when we identify a Seller wallet and suspend them and their Buyers.  So, to be clear, Testing is an Exchange of TBC you own for Fiat Currency, and not a gift of Fiat money for nothing.

Once the Questionnaire is completed you will be assigned a number.  Testers will get a number between 00001 to 10000 and Back Up Testers will get numbers between 10001 to 20000.

Getting 10,000 people to follow exact instructions is not a simple process.  All Testers can expect to be tested for patience and loyalty to TBC as they engage the process of exchanging their TBC for Fiat currencies.  A leadership structure will be put in place to give each a place in a chain of command.  Bitcoin Randy will be at the top of this structure and the Elected Leaders and other Big Leaders will be placed below him in a 10 x 4 structure.  So, directly below Bitcoin Randy will be 10 Leaders, and below them will fall 100 Leaders, then below those 1,000 Leaders, and the remainder of the 10,000 will follow below those.  This establishes a chain of command.  Each of you will be expected to act accordingly and professionally within this chain of command.  None of you will have direct access to communicate with the Bank.  All communications will flow through this chain of command and that way we can assure the Bank that they will not be dealing with any unprofessional behavior from our group.  I will do all that I can to protect this Banking relationship.  Bank will charge fees for the services they provide as do all banks, so be aware and prepare for that.  These fees will certainly be normal amounts based on what is customary in the banking world.  We want to complete testing in a timely manner and will be quick to replace Testers with Back Up Testers when they fall behind in this process.  This activity will require your concentration and a consistent effort to complete the tasks required in a timely fashion.  We will have the cream at the top of the leadership structure and will use Kringle Cash data of promotional performances (Referrals and Santa List data) to place the best of us at the top of the chain of command.  So, it would be wise to follow the training now inside Brian’s Updates.

This is a historic time for TBC as we become one of the first to offer a Fiat Bank Exchange for a crypto-currency.

Culled from blog.thebillioncoin.info

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