More 10,000 Testers wanted

In the recent publication by the TBC admin on the official blog of The Billion Coin, it was stated that we have reached the total sum of 10,000 testers. In this week, they will commence the first process of using the fiat exchange and they will be communicated via E-mail.

chukwuka obeleagu: tbc fiat currency exchange

The Admin also announced that more 10,000 testers are needed to act as backup and all they need to do to become testers is to pay for the annual subscription of $10 in Bitcoin for the Kringle Cash back office. This annual subscription of $10 also gives you lifetime access to your TBC wallet.

So, I advise everyone who is a TBC member to pay the annual subscription of $10 for the Kringle cash, not only to be a tester but also to have lifetime access to their TBC wallet and also have access to the Fiat exchange when its finally open to everyone to use for the exchange of their TBC to Fiat currency.

Click HERE to become a Tester if you are not.

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