Why we are yet to reach the 10,000 Testers mark?

As we get ready for the launch of the Fiat exchange, the number of testers has risen from 6000 to 7200 plus. This shows that we are yet to achieve the number of testers needed for the test of the exchange when it launches, which is 10,000.

chukwuka obeleagu: tbc fiat currency exchange

Though we have made progress but its a slow one given the number of valid TBC members which is 380,725 as at the time of writing this blogpost. And I can attribute this slowness to certain reasons:

  1. inability to afford $10 to pay for kringle cash annual subscription
  2. lack of knowledge about Bitcoin
  3. lack of access to Bitcoin due to unavailability of legit bitcoin exchange in some countries.
  4. lack of trust in the system due to bad experience with ponzi schemes.
  5. pending confirmation of TBC transaction made some people skeptic etc.

The above are some the reasons why we have not reached the 10,000 mark and this is deducted from the feedback of TBC members across the globe who contacted me via social media, email, comment and calls.

So, if you are reading this and some of the above are the reasons you have not attempted to be a tester, you can contact me via Email on chukwukaobeleagu@gmail.com or on my facebook page which you can access at the footer of my blog. But for Bitcoin related issues like Buying or Sending Bitcoin whether you have a wallet or not, click HERE and your problem will be sorted.

For more information on Cryptocurrency especially The Billion Coin and Bitcoin, Online Business and Network Marketing,

Call/Text via 08036873138


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