Having challenges with being eligible for TBC Fiat Exchange?

As we head towards the launch of the TBC Fiat Exchange, where 10,000 testers will be the first to convert their TBC to Fiat currency either USD, EURO, GBP or any other currency announced by the Admin, I noticed a lot of people have challenges with paying for the annual subscription of the Kringle Cash Back office. It is either they cannot buy Bitcoin to make payment or they have made payment but their status has not changed since we are still at 6,000 plus testers.

So, am rendering my service and time to anyone who has any of the challenges I mentioned above especially if you are in Nigeria.


Simply fill out the Form below and select the challenge you are facing. If your challenge is not listed, simply fill out the “other information” form and be straight forward to enable me help you.

So, fill out the form below and I reach you via Email or Phone number.

For more Information on Cryptocurrency especially The Billion Coin, Online Business and Network Marketing, Call/Text 08036873138


One thought on “Having challenges with being eligible for TBC Fiat Exchange?

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