Urgent Notice on The Billion Coin (TBC)

It’s great time for anyone who invested in TBC and also, for potential investors. We are growing so fast and will soon be in the 500,000 member range before June ending.

So, here are some matters that require your urgent attention;

  1. Wallet Send Button disabled from the 14th – 17th of June to enable the tech guys fix the bug that’s causing delay of transactions leading to backlogs. Once this is resolved, the TBC network will be able to accommodate the surge of new members coming soon.
  2. Have you gotten your FREE 100,000 Kringle (0.001TBC)? if not, Click HERE to get yours. But if you have gotten yours, do not be selfish by keeping quiet about the gift you received. Promote your Kringle cash link or that of your sponsor whose link you used to get the FREE gift. For us to get to 500,000 members by end of June 2017, we need all hands on deck.
  3. The Billion Coin Fiat Currency Exchange will be soon launched and we currently have 6000 plus testers. So if you are looking for a way to cash out some of your TBC, then  this is the opportunity for you. Click HERE to see step by step process on how to be eligible for the TBC fiat currency exchange. So hurry now before the targeted number which is 10,000 testers is exceeded.

Remember TBC is Our Coin, let us be good advocates so as to encourage potential investors to join the TBC movement.



For more information on Cryptocurrency especially The Billion Coin, Online Business and Network Marketing, Call/Text 08036873138



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