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FREE 50,000 Kringle Gift Offer

Did you miss out on the FREE 100,000 Kringles (0.001TBC)?

Do not worry? Because our able TBC Admin just launched FREE 50,000 Kringle (0.0005TBC) Gift Offer and this will expire on 30th of September, 2017.


Isn’t that amazing?! Continue reading


TBC Fiat Exchange Update

Am so excited today because of the TBC community is taking shape starting from the number of verified members being over 400,000 members (412,127 as at the time of writing this blog) to the number of Fiat exchange Testers being over 8,500.


Screenshot of The Billion Coin App

So, if you are not yet among the first 10,000 testers, click HERE to see How to be eligible.

Below are other Updates about The Billion Coin (TBC):

  1. The Kringle Cash FREE Gift Offer of 100,000 kringles (0.001TBC) will be expiring today being the 30th of June, 2017. This does not mean the end of the Kringle Cash Site and the end of being eligible for the Fiat Exchange coming soon. In fact, The Kringle Cash Site will be a valuable tool of all TBC enthusiast like me and I will do a special write up on How to use the site to generate leads, build a Team, and generate cash flow too.
  2. As earlier stated, the number of TBC fiat exchange testers has already exceeded 8,500 and will soon reach the targeted number of 10,000 testers. According to the Admin, the Fiat exchange will be up and ready for testing once we reach 10,000 testers, so its up to us to help everyone who is a TBC member to become eligible.
  3. The $10 Lifetime usage fee – This has raised a lot of questions and concerns from some TBC members but am glad to inform you, that if you are among those who already paid $10 for the annual subscription of the Kringle Cash Back office, you are exempted. On this particular topic, I will urge to drop any question you have in the form below and I will do a video to answer those questions for you on this blog. If that is okay with you, then fill out the Form below and ask your questions:

4. The Billion Coin App: This App is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users and will soon be available for iOS. Here is why everyone needs this App:

  • It is secured
  • It does not require your information for you to use it
  • It is a host for the 4 TBC websites – Kringle Cash,, The Billion Coin information site and the official blog. This makes it easy for anyone to manage their TBC portfolio and also stay informed.

The App was born out of a challenge I had with moving from one browser window to the other in order to keep up with information and it got me thinking, why don’t I create an App that I can use to stay informed and manage my TBC? That was how the App came into existence.

Click Button below to download the App for FREE

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Why we are yet to reach the 10,000 Testers mark?

As we get ready for the launch of the Fiat exchange, the number of testers has risen from 6000 to 7200 plus. This shows that we are yet to achieve the number of testers needed for the test of the exchange when it launches, which is 10,000.

chukwuka obeleagu: tbc fiat currency exchange

Though we have made progress but its a slow one given the number of valid TBC members which is 380,725 as at the time of writing this blogpost. And I can attribute this slowness to certain reasons: Continue reading

How to check your FREE TBC Gift after registering for Kringle Cash

With barely 9 days left to the end of the Kringle Cash FREE Gift offer of 0.001TBC (100,000 kringles) and TBC (The Billion Coin) membership at about 344,000 members, a lot of work still needs to be done to get more people sign up and take advantage of this offer. So, all hands must be on deck to promote this FREE Gift offer before TIME runs out.

kringle countdown

That said, am writing this blogpost for those who have registered successfully on Kringle Cash but have not seen the FREE TBC they received plus how to check on the growth of their TBC. Below are the steps to follow: Continue reading

Motivational Monday (Videos)

Start your week with the Right Mindset by listening to:

OVERCOME LAZINESS – Powerful Motivational Video 2017

DEVELOP YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS – Best Motivational Videos Compilation 2017

Happy Viewing!

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Businesses with less than N10,000 Start Up Capital

Early this month, I did a video series on “Making Money Online in Nigeria” where I talked about the foundation of starting any business and types of online businesses like Affiliate marketing, Network marketing etc. The series is available on my official Facebook Page


So, with this blogpost I will be recommending some businesses and investment that you can build leveraging Online and earn as low as N 1,500 daily and above. These comes highly recommended because I have made money with them and still do. They are: Continue reading