How to get Free TBC (The Billion Coin)

As part of its drive to achieve the billion membership goal, The Admin  has a rolled a FREE TBC offer anyone who joins the TBC community.

visit to get your FREE TBC

By clicking on the link above, it takes you to the Home page.

On the Homepage,  Click on the “Answer” button. By clicking, it takes you the next page where you will select “Give Me My Gift” which will take to the next page.

On the next page,  you simply select “Let’s go to Step One“. This action takes you to the Registration page.

Note: Make sure to use same valid email address

After you are done with filling out your information,  click on “Submit“. An email verification will be sent to you titled,  “no-reply“, click on the confirm/activate link to complete the registration.

Upon clicking on the link,  you will be taken to the Login page and your TBC will hit your TBC wallet.

kringle free4

After you login,  this is how your dashboard will look like (see Photo below):

kr dashboard

Then proceed to and sign in using same Email address and password used to create the Kringle Cash account. Your balance will be showing that you have, 0.001TBC and you will the equivalent in Euros (you can change the currency to USD by clicking the pencil sign)

Download The Billion Coin App now available on Google Play Store and manage your TBC portfolio in one App.

Click on Button below to download the App for FREE

To get your FREE TBC (The Billion Coin), visit or Call/Text/WhatsApp/Telegram via 08036873138


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