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TBC F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions) and Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a few F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions) and troubleshooting tips that may help your issue.


You cannot login to your Web Wallet

Try clearing your browsers cache and internet history, try another browser, make sure your browsers are fully updated, including plugins. If you are on a Android or Apple device use the same steps above including restarting your phone or tablet. Often completely closing the web page and starting with a fresh url will help. Continue reading


How to make Money with Bitcoin Trading

Back in 2007-08, Bitcoin was worth 10 cents to a coin; it was smart to buy and hold on to Bitcoin as it appreciates based on the number of users. Fast forward to 2013 when the official price of 1 Bitcoin became $200, it was then that trading of Bitcoin against the US Dollar and smartest thing to do was to trade rather than to save.

TBC Logo

As at today, 1 Bitcoin is worth more than $1,000 plus and the price is determined by the forces of Demand and Supply (Trading) meaning that to make money fast with Bitcoin you have to focus on Trading. So disregard any advice that says that for you to make money fast with Bitcoin, you have to buy and hold. Continue reading

How to get Free TBC (The Billion Coin)

As part of its drive to achieve the billion membership goal, The Admin  has a rolled a FREE TBC offer anyone who joins the TBC community.

visit to get your FREE TBC

By clicking on the link above, it takes you to the Home page.

Continue reading

The Billion Coin Intro

​The Unstoppable Digital Currency 

Money Revolution In the 21st century

With Just “one TBC coin” you will never be poor or broke again for the rest of your life… because if you have just 1tbc coin, and you leave it to appreciate in value for 36 weeks only (9 Months), it will give you €1,310,700. That is over N500 Million in Naira.

Basic Information You Should Know About TBC (TheBillionCoin)

1. The first thing you must know about TBC is this:

✅TBC is not a Multi level marketing (MLM) or a referral program.

✅TBC is not a pyramid scheme, ponzi or money-chain

✅TBC is not an Online HYIP or another wonder Bank Continue reading

Solution to Job Crisis in Nigeria

Every year, thousands of Graduates leave the NYSC program to end up in the unemployment market pursuing limited Jobs. Government is grossly overwhelmed by the huge responsibility to provide Jobs as against providing enabling environment for entrepreneurs to operate and create Jobs.

So, graduates will have no choice than to embrace entrepreneurship and they lack the knowledge to start up amidst the challenges facing businesses in Nigeria.

Watch the video below to learn more:

For more information on Cryptocurrency, Network Marketing and Online Business, Call/Text 08036873138

How to Generate upto 1TBC by providing value

Given that The Billion Coin (TBC) appreciates on a daily basis, it makes the cost of acquiring 1TBC to be expensive.

So, how can anyone acquire upto 1TBC without spending money?

The answer is simple.

Offer Service/Goods/Value in exchange for TBC.

Its easy….and that is what we are achieving with FudMart NG Store by offering value in exchange of TBC.

Watch the video below for more information

Use the link below to download FudMart NG Store App – (Available to Nigeria for now)

For more information on Cryptocurrency, Network Markeitng and Online Business, Call/Text 08036873138