How my investment in TBC grew by profit of $200,000 plus

I came across TBC which is also known as The Billion Coin in 2016 when it was launched but didn’t key in. As at January  2017, the value of TBC was worth Twice the value of Bitcoin.  That was when I decided to invest and bought 101TBC which worth more than $230,000 in February. See Photo below:

As today being 29th March, 2017 and with a balance of 75TBC after selling, it’s worth $513,000 plus. Converting it in Naira will place the value at over #100 million naira. See photos below:

This was achieved without referring anyone because this is not a MLM/Network marketing business or a Ponzi scheme. It’s purely Cryptocurrency investment that appreciates at a rate of 1-5% daily.

For more information about The Billion Coin (TBC), Call/Text/WhatsApp 08175480061


4 thoughts on “How my investment in TBC grew by profit of $200,000 plus

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  2. nofiubabajide

    tell us how to use it buy materials it can just be in our wallet without been use, tell us site to buy this or we using it to things.thanks



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