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How my investment in TBC grew by profit of $200,000 plus

I came across TBC which is also known as The Billion Coin in 2016 when it was launched but didn’t key in. As at January  2017, the value of TBC was worth Twice the value of Bitcoin.  That was when I decided to invest and bought 101TBC which worth more than $230,000 in February. See Photo below:

As today being 29th March, 2017 and with a balance of 75TBC after selling, it’s worth $513,000 plus. Converting it in Naira will place the value at over #100 million naira. See photos below:

This was achieved without referring anyone because this is not a MLM/Network marketing business or a Ponzi scheme. It’s purely Cryptocurrency investment that appreciates at a rate of 1-5% daily.

For more information about The Billion Coin (TBC), Call/Text/WhatsApp 08175480061


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The Billion Coin (TBC) 

Invest in Cryptocurrency for the long term with TBC.


As at today,

1TBC is worth 3 Bitcoin(BTC)

1TBC -> $3,787.43

1BTC -> $1,177.00

For more information, watch the video below

Open a free account with and order your TBC at 50% discounted price (Limited Offer till March 31st, 2017) i.e.


0.01TBC -> #5,800



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How to get started with Ultimate Cycler and earn consistently on a Monthly basis?

Ultimate Cycler is a Digital Library leveraging Network Marketing business model and we provide great team support if you join our Dream Achievers Team.



  1. All you need to get started is $5 (#3000) for $5 matrix,($15) #9000 to activate both $5 and $10 matrix OR $25 (#12,500) for the $25 matrix.
  2. After that, you will be required to refer only two persons,who will go ahead and repeat the process.
  3. Your profit is $15 (#7500) if you came in with $5 (#3000), $45 (#22500) if you came in with $15 (#9000) OR $75 (#35000) if you came in with $25 (#12500). Your Profit is on a Monthly Basis as long as you recycle and promote Ultimate Cycler as the best online network marketing basis.
  4. We also support you if you are unable to earn by your third week, for those who are not able to provide their two downlines at the cost of #2000 per downline.
  5. Duration of earning for people in Dream Achievers Team is 24hrs to 30 working days.



  1. $5 and $10 matrix is company based meaning the payments and earnings goes through the company. Payment and Earning are in dollars paid out through Bitcoin and we will assist you in making and receiving payment. Payout exchange rate of Bitcoin is at #500 to $1.
  2. $25 Matrix is Member to Member payout system meaning a member pays directly to you within 24hrs when he is assigned to pay you.
  3. There are higher matrices in the Ultimate Cycler Compensation plan. Example: $50, $100, $200, $400, $800 and $1600 matrix with profit of $150 (#75,000), $300(#150,000), $600 (#300,000), $1200 (#600,000), $2400 (#1.2 million) and $4800 (#2.4 million) respectively after recycling cost is paid.
  4. Upon earning on the $5 and $10 matrix, recycling fee of $5 and $10 is deducted by the Company as you earn, leaving you with profit of $15 (#7,500) and $30 (#15,000) respectively.
  5. Upon earning on the $25 matrix, recycling fee of $25 (#12500) is paid to the person you are assigned to, leaving you with profit $75 (#35,000).
  6. Earning from Ultimate Cycler is on a Monthly Basis as long as the strategy is applied.
    Lastly, when you upgrade to higher levels in the compensation plan, each of the matrix will still be active and paying you on a monthly basis as long as you recycle upon earning and we work together to promote Ultimate Cycler because its the BEST ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS!

To get started, Fill out the Form below and make sure you have you your fund ready ($5 and $15 package are registered with Bitcoin) while ($25 package is member to member payout):