Dream Achievers Team is an online community leveraging Ultimate Cycler to provide Cashflow for its members. Below are Testimonial videos of those who benefited from the Ultimate Cycler Program:




For Edith

For Funmi

For Aminu Madugu

For Yinka

For David

For Emeka


For more inquiry, Join our group chat via https://chat.whatsapp.com/AKkJYDGHx3B4YhYmsRY7Iz 


Call/Text/WhatsApp via 08036873138


3 thoughts on “TESTIMONY TIME (VIDEO)

  1. Njide Grace Offor

    What do I do I register with ultimate cycle since December and I not held anything from then though I not bribg any to register with me since then
    how do I recover my money


      1. OGUEJIOFOR Emeka jude

        You registered then and did nothing that’s why you thought your money has gone …your money is there if you want your money just convince people and register them under yourself and they will be matched to pay you but when they can’t get people to pay them they will come for you..that’s why Chukwuka is here to help..all you need to do is to forget about that one because you can’t handle it on your own re register a new one under Chukwuka and let him do the work of putting people under you gradually..I was a teamleader in my group then but after the site went down and came back strong people started drawing back which affected it and it seams as if it has stopped functioning..I had to register under Chukwuka because I believe he knows what he is doing..just registered a day before yesterday


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