How to make money through BitCoin?

In my last blog post titled “My findings about Bitcoin“, I took out the time to enlighten you about Bitcoin and show how its fast becoming the best option of making online payment . Given the current state of the countries Forex market, the limitation of making online payments via Naira MasterCard or Visa Card and also, the opportunity to build a global business made possible by the Internet and Social media; I see Bitcoin playing a very vital role in the way business will done from 2017 onwards.

So, how does one make money through Bitcoin given the fact its not very popular in Nigeria at the moment. Below are some of the ways to make money through Bitcoin:

  1. Viewing Adverts Online/ Paid to Click sites:These are online platforms that pay you commissions for clicking, viewing adverts and referrals. Examples are Clixsense, Btcclicks, Bitsforclicks etc.
  2. Bitcoin FaucetsThese are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. Examples are Bonus bitcoin, Swissadspaysfaucet and ClaimBtc etc.
  3. Reading Books Online:There are sites that reward members with bitcoin for reading books online like reddit, paidbooks etc.
  4. Bitcoin Lending: There are sites that offer bitcoin owners opportunity to make as little as 20% interest per month for lending their bitcoin to legitimate persons/business. Examples are BitBond etc.
  5. Member to Member Donation/Network Marketing Platform: Due to improved awareness of Bitcoin and its great value, Member to Member donation/Network Marketing platforms have being designed to reward members in Bitcoin for referrals/sale of products. Examples are Zarfund, Five2Btc etc.

Recommended Opportunities to join and make money through Bitcoin are (Note: You have to open a Free Bitcoin wallet with Blockchain):

  • FIVE2BTC: This is a capitalization platform where donations are made from company to company or person to person. There are no admin fee, donations are not collected by administrator nor automated by system, donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another using their Wallets Blockchain, the Bitcoins arrive instantly. Start up capital is =N=5,700 (0.01BTC), to know more and register, click on this link to join my team. Note: Your Bitcoin wallet has to be funded before attempting to register because after 24 hours of non payment, your account will be deleted from the system.
  • BitBond: This platforms provides a great opportunities for Bitcoin investors to make more money through lending of Bitcoin at an interest of atleast 20% per month to Bitcoin borrowers (already screened, verified and have track record). The platform is very secure and earnings guaranteed. Minimum start up capital is =N=2,900 (0.006BTC), to know more and register, click on this link to join my team.
  • Clixsense: Get paid a minimum $0.01/click to view adverts and surveys. Pays higher when you refer someone to join Clixsense and view adverts. Start up cost is Free, to know more and register, click on this link to join my team.
  • Bitsforclicks: This platform offers you the opportunity to earn a minimum of 0.00145BTC per click to view adverts. Start up cost is Free, to know more and register, click on this link to join my team.

Now you know how to make money through Bitcoin, why don’t you take advantage of these opportunities to increase earning potential, change your life and get ready for serious CASHFLOW in 2017.

For more inquiries, call/text/whatsapp me via 08036873138.


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