Lessons from J. K. Baker

He and his wife, Becky Baker joined Network marketing in 1978.


Never let results determine your attitude.

Be activity oriented, not result oriented.

His four keys to success in Network marketing

Have a complete understanding of what network marketing is.

Have a goal in mind – a goal that keeps you motivated to do what’s necessary to make your business successful.

Attitude: It affects your daily activity. A positive attitude will keep you focused and working.

Persistence: lack of persistence will lead to failure in business, as it will in any endeavor. You never know who is going to sign up. If you stop being persistent and quit after 50 NOs, and think its not working. You didn’t know that 51st person might have said YES and turned out to be your STAR.

Excerpt from Dream Achievers: 50 powerful stories of people like you who became Leaders in Network marketing


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