Lessons Learnt from US Presidential elect – Donald Trump in 2016

Donald Trump has taught us that despite the odds against us, that we can still achieve our goals and dreams. He is truly my mentor and a true role model as a business mogul and a great father.

Here are the lessons learnt from him during his campaign period to being elected President:

  1. Hardwork – He outworked Hilary Clinton throughout the campaign. In fact, he started way before the party primaries to campaign.
  2. Focus – He was focused when the media and some Republican party members criticized and turn their back on him. Yet, he remained ever focused and wasn’t sidetracked.
  3. Don’t allow people’s perception define you – A lot of people across the world called him all sorts of name, said he was a lot of things, yet he didn’t allow that influence who he is, his vision and his dream of becoming the President.
  4. Dream Big – In his business endeavor especially Real Estate, he always believed in dreaming big. That’s why all his projects are always huge.
  5. Never Give Up – This has always being his mantra in business negotiations, challenges in building his Golf course in Scotland and it was evident during this Presidential election. Funny, he admired Hilary Clinton for having same trait.
  6.  Great Public Speaker – Listening to his campaign speech, he truly is a great public speaker and knows how to sell his ideals, buy into electorate emotion and share his dreams.
  7. Worked with Leaders – knows how to identify leaders, and work with them. He worked with leaders like Ben Carson, and this helped him to achieve success in the election.
  8. Believes in Family – He is one of the billionaires who has great family. His Children are well grounded in business and can run his empire. They played great role in his campaign especially Donald Trump Jnr.
  9. Knows how to self promote – Donald Trump is a master of self promoting himself, his business, real estate and golf course. Knows how to use twitter and has a huge following on social media. Since most of the Media company were against him, he used social media to run part of his campaign.
  10. Knows how to brand himself and build wealth

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