Step by Step Guide: How to launch your Helping Hands International (H2i) Business

Are you a New Helping Hands partner?


Is your business stagnant because you lack proper guide on how to launch your Helping Hands business?

Don’t worry anymore!

The much awaited book titled, “Step by Step Guide: How to launch your Helping Hands International (H2i) Business” written by Chukwuka Obeleagu is here.  This practical book will help every Help partner launch their business properly with knowledge of basic fundamentals and the required skills to attain maximum success.

Why is this book different from other Network Marketing books?

This book is born out of the success achieved by the author in terms of getting his business started and the positive feedback from Help partners who watch his online training via his YouTube channel – Chukwuka Obeleagu.

The book contains practical concepts to use during prospecting, follow up and getting a new member started. It also has a 90 day work plan that will guide you daily, so you can keep track of your activities. This is essential because these activities if carried out for 90 days will build the right habits that will guarantee success.

Finally, you can hand this book over to every new prospect you sign up so that they can launch their business properly. It will also groom them to be independent leaders from the very day they join your team.

To Order:

Fill out the form below and indicate what category of books you want whether its an EBook or Paperback copy.

Please note: Paperback will only be published if the minimum order of 500 copies is met (publishers rule). But the Ebook is available and will be delivered via Email or Whatsapp.


EBook: =N= 500 ($ 3 for those outside Nigeria)

Paperback copy: =N= 1,320 ($8 for those outside Nigeria)

How to make payment:

For those who want to pay in Naira, pay to:
Bank: First bank plc 

Acct name: Chukwuka Ikemefuna Obeleagu

Acct number: 3058271846

For those who want to pay in H2i dollars, transfer to:

Username: cobeleagu


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