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Book Club: Recommended Book for December

As we head towards the year 2017, I want to use this opportunity to recommend a great book by a renowned author in Financial Intelligence, Robert Kiyorsaki. Now this book is not the famous, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the book is talking about the future of how business will be done and it spoke specifically about the Network Marketing industry as the Business of the 21st Century.

The title of the book for December is none other than The Business of the 21st Century. Its available in bookshop, Amazon and other online platforms like Konga and Jumia. For those who do not have the financials to purchase the book, today is your lucky day because I have the audiovisual of the book. 

Click the video below to listen to it:


Lessons from J. K. Baker

He and his wife, Becky Baker joined Network marketing in 1978.


Never let results determine your attitude.

Be activity oriented, not result oriented.

His four keys to success in Network marketing

Have a complete understanding of what network marketing is.

Have a goal in mind – a goal that keeps you motivated to do what’s necessary to make your business successful.

Attitude: It affects your daily activity. A positive attitude will keep you focused and working.

Persistence: lack of persistence will lead to failure in business, as it will in any endeavor. You never know who is going to sign up. If you stop being persistent and quit after 50 NOs, and think its not working. You didn’t know that 51st person might have said YES and turned out to be your STAR.

Excerpt from Dream Achievers: 50 powerful stories of people like you who became Leaders in Network marketing

Last Sunday of the Month in Osun State (Photos)

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new year in the Christian calendar worldwide and also the last Sunday of the Month.

But in Osun state, a powerful event touched the lives of the some of the residents with Laptops, Brand New Cars (Hyundai Creta and Elantra) and $1000 grant to 12 Less Privileged Persons.

Special congratulations to Adeyinka Kafayat Bukola, you are not only celebrated as a minister but a double minister in Helping Hands International (H2i). Double minister means she qualified for two brand new cars (two Hyundai Elantras).

See Photos below:

For more information about Helping Hands International, Call/Text/WhatsApp +2348036873138.

Sunny Day in Kaduna (Photos)

It was a sunny Saturday at the Yaraduwa hall inside Murtala Muhammed square, yet residents trooped out in mass to witness lives of being transformed with Laptops, 3 Brand New SUVs and $1000 grant (6 less privileged persons were empowered with the grant).

Also, products from the just concluded Skill acquisition training were on display to showcase how Helping Hands International has being empowering both members and non members with skills to make them self sufficient and absolve them from the impacts of recession.

See Photos of the event below:

For more enquiries about Helping Hands International, please call, text or WhatsApp +2348036873138.

Helping Hands International Training – How to Find Leaders and Work with Non-Leaders

​Almost Everyone in Network Marketing (Helping Hands International) is looking for magic prospects that will join their team and turn their business around. These magic prospects are also known Leaders. 
Watch today’s video to learn how to find them, work with them and also, work with Non leaders in your team.

Sites from Calabar on 23rd Nov. 2016 (Photos)

The city of Calabar in Cross River was an amazing site to behold and peoples lives were transformed with brand new Hyundai Elantra Cars to Helping Hands International members and a $1000 (#165,000) grant to less privileged persons.

See Photos Below:

For more information, call, text or WhatsApp +2348036873138. 
Join us and let’s make a difference in the world together!

The weekend that transformed lives in Warri (Photos)

​It was an amazing weekend in Warri, where Laptops, GAC SUV, GAC Saloon Cars, Hyundai SUV and Hyundai Elantra painted the streets. At least, 31 Brand New SUVs and Saloon Cars were awarded to members of the prestigious International NGO called Helping Hands International.

But Guess what?

It was not only the SUVs and Saloon Cars that made the weekend amazing but the 62 less privileged persons who received grant of $1000 (#165,000) from Helping Hands International.

We are truly touching lives and empowering people. See photos below:

For more information about Helping Hands International, call, text or WhatsApp +2348036873138.