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Onitsha Free Skill Acquisition Training

Helping Hands International is an NGO focused on touching lives of less privileged persons, human capacity development through skill acquisition training and financial empowerment via its compensation plan.

On 31st of October, a One Week Free Skill Acquisition Training will commence in Onitsha. During this period, skills like Car tracking, Website design, Gsm repair, paint production, Cake making, Make up artistry etc, will be taught.
Interested persons should call or sms me on WhatsApp via 08036873138.
Don’t be left out. Also spread the news to your family and friends.


Helping Hands Training – Getting a new member started

​Do you know that part of the reason, some of your team members are dormant could be attributed to how they started in their first 90 days? Watch today’s training by clicking the video below to learn how to get a new member started properly and reduce dormancy in your team.

Book Club: Recommended Book for November

​I love reading books. Not just any book, but books that enable me tap into the great minds of highly successful people, not only in business but life in general.

Because my life have being transformed by these books, I am starting a book club where every month, I will recommend a book on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, network marketing etc.

As we are about the enter a new month, I will recommend “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. This book teaches the fundamentals of life, how to be effective and productive, how to achieve success etc.

Its available in book stores, Amazon etc.

Happy Reading.

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Recommended Books for Wannabe Entrepreneur

​Are you looking to shift quadrant from working for a boss to being your own boss?

Are looking for how to setup a part time or home based business while going about your current job?

Then these books are for you.

They come highly recommended by me because of the impact and the knowledge I have gained from both books.

Happy Reading.

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Q: What is H2i?

A: H2i is an international NGO that empowers and touch peoples lives especially the less privileged.

Google  for more information. 

Q: How can I benefit from it?

A: Your registration money is a donation towards its humanitarian services. The network marketing aspect of it is to ensure the company does not lack funds for its charitable activities. 

So as you help the company raise funds, the company blesses you back with bonuses for your efforts. You are paid a percentage of the money they generate as the network grows. 

For every person you register, you are getting $8 instantly. 

Q: What if I couldn’t get people to register?

A: Of course  you wil get. If you are not interested in bringing people, your upline would be bringing people for the network and be earning the referral money by himself while you would only get compensation money as the level increases.

Q: Please how do one build the network ?

A: For every person you register, you are getting (earning)  $8. After registering your 2 persons, the company pays your $16; that is $8 each.

If you still want to register more person, you have to register them under your downlines. You will still get another $8 for registering someone under your downline.

Your downline are the people under you while upline are people above you.

Q: Okay, getting 2 persons  is the network?

A: Yes, Get 2 persons.  Teach them what you did, motivate them to also teach their downlines.

Your network keeps growing in that manner.

Q: OK. What if my 2 are lazy. Does it mean that the network will not grow?

A: Of course it wil grow, that is where your upline comes in, because he will be bringing people to join, and if you don’t bring any body again, you have laid a foundation for residual earning from stages 1-5, With only two persons. 

Q: How much is the monthly salary?

A: Its not base on salary, its based on your efforts, and how your network grows.You are paid a percentage of the money they generate as the network grows daily.

Q: Ok. HOW do I register?

A: You register with a one-time membership fee of  $40. 

Once you register in this NGO, You will be activated immediately with your own custom username and a dollar account called e-wallet, where all your earnings and bonuses will be paid into. 

 The company does not accept any other currency except dollars ($). I would use your money to buy the dollar equivalent into my dollar account then register you with it.  Everything is done online. You can monitor the growth of your network from the website. 

Q: OK. Give me the company account number.

A: Account number? All transaction is online, Once you are registered, the dollar account is inside your H2i account, its an e-wallet account.

Q: So I will give you my money?

A: Yes,  you pay into my account and I do the registration for you online with the details you will send to me for your own registration.

Q: How would I register someone after you register me?

A: Once you are registered, you will have the dollar account and a username as a full member, then you have access to your account, so you’ll follow the same procedure I did for you by buying dollar from another Partner and do the registrations.

Q: You said it an NGO, then why do I need to pay before joining?

A1: All NGOs requires funding, whether its a charity organization or not.

A2: you need to be a financial member before benefitting “fully” from the compensation plan.

Q: How many times do I have to donate (pay the sign-up fee) of $40?

A: its a one-time donation for life.

Q: I wish to open two(2) accounts, is that possible?

A1: yes! You can sign-up for more than one account.
A2: you benefit more from the compensation plan if you have multiple (eg. 3, 7 or more…) account.

Q: When am I going to get paid?

A: your e-wallet gets credited instantly the moment you introduce anyone directly, and anytime you qualify for a bonus.

Q: Do I need to wait till I complete a particular stage before am being paid?

A: No. As you make progress within each stages, you are paid automatically.

Q: When I sign-up, do I need to sell any goods like other MLM companies?

A1: No. We dont sell any goods.

A2. Product are divided into 2. Goods and Services. 

We only render services.

Q: Are you sure I will be given laptop or Apple Ipad when I complete my stage 2?

A: Yes. Over 1500 hp laptops have been given out so far across the country. Countless numbers are still available for partners. You can check out the photos of laptops awardees for yourself.

Q: Are you sure I will be given a car when a complete my stage 3?

A: yes. Over 73 cars have been given out so far… car qualifiers can now get their cars shipped down to them within 3 weeks of their qualification. The year you qualify, you get the lastest model of the car for that year. Same applies for all other incentives.

Q: Is there any reputable organization in support of this NGO?

A1: yes. This NGO is proudly sponsored by Glo, Apple, Hp, Hyundai motors, GAC motors and many more…

A2: this NGO has also been recognized by the United Nations (UN) for the incredible charity works they have been doing across the globe. 

To this end, a devoted help partner, Amb. Obitex, was given an “Ambassador for Peace” awards in May 2015 in Abuja along side the past president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by United Nations.

Q: How long will it take me to earn my car too?

A: within days, weeks, months or years. Depending on how fast you, your sponsor (who introduced you), and your success line (those you introduced) bring in people.

Q: How many people do I need to take me to stage 2?

A: a total of six (6) persons, consisting of those two (2) you introduced, and the people they introduced. Distributed 3 on each leg (right and left side of your matrix).

Q: When I get to stage 2, do I need to start bringing new people all over again?

A1: No. You do not necessarily need to keep introducing people. You just need to work as a team with those you brought in your stage 1. As they keep bringing people, they too will join you in stage 2 and everybody starts earning. 

A2: you could still introduce more persons after stage 1 if you wish, because there is no limit as to the numbers of persons one can personally introduce. But anyone you introduced here goes as a spill-under to those in stage 1 in your team. This will help support them, grow your team faster, and grow ur business faster.

Q: How do I know that I won’t lose my money after signing up?

A1: you have nothing to lose if you join with the mindset that you are helping the less privileged. It’s not a loss to help.

A2: because the NGO have nothing to lose. You bring in someone who donated $40. They appreciate u with $8 and the remaining $32 is for the running of the organization.

A3: Because as a member, you are entitled to take part in the free trade and skill acquisition programs run by the NGO, to learn any trade or skill of your choice among the ones offered by the NGO. This you will enjoy for life. This benefit alone worth much more than your one-time donation.

If  you don’t have capital, Invest your time

​In today’s world, we are being presented with lots of opportunities due to the boom in internet and social media.

And these opportunities are things we can easily take advantage of, because majority involves less or zero capital, and with investment of time can turn into a successful venture.

But most of us are blind to these opportunities because of our belief that its only when you have a capital base in millions that’s when you can start a business and be successful. This belief has left millions of youths idle, lazy and unproductive.

In this new week, I urge you to be open minded and be prepared to adjust in this new economy.

Have a great week ahead.

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Dream Achievers Team expands to Monrovia, Liberia

​Early September my Team and I celebrated a great milestone in building our Helping Hands International business across the Atlantic to Jamaica. That was a boost to expanding and spreading the vision of Helping Hands International across the Globe.

Yesterday, another milestone was set. This time in our own Africa.

Dream achievers team has expanded internationally to Monrovia, Liberia. 🇱🇷🇳🇬

Thanks to our newest partner, Charles Atuchukwu.

Awesome right?

If you are in Liberia, chat me up on Facebook or on WhatsApp with +2348036873138.

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