We are approaching the end of September and the last quarter (three months) of the year 2016.
December 2016(my birthday month) will mark my 1 year of resigning from high paying unsecured bank job to venturing into Entrepreneurship and the Network Marketing Industry. This 1 year has being a very important one for me because of the good and hard times and most importantly who am becoming in raising a family and building a global organization with Helping Hands International. And am so grateful to Almighty God for everything (not only the good times).

That’s why am tagging the year 2016: 


Like the beautiful butterfly, which had to undergo metamorphosis from larvae and pupae.

So, I want you to look back to events of this year whether good or bad and comment with your own tag for 2016.

 Am looking forward to your comments.

Have a beautiful Thursday.


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