Be specific about what you are looking for in Life

​I believe that part of the reason why most people are not achieving success or getting results either in their personal life or business, is because they don’t know what they are looking for.

Just like Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find”

The key to finding what you want,  is knowing exactly what you are looking for; whether its a health solution, business solution, income opportunity that you can build part time etc.

Some will say its easy, well its not. Because you have to be very specific, for example: 

When I was in the banking industry, I was looking for ways to start a business of my own. I knew what I want but wasn’t specific, that led me to try out transportation, oil & gas retailing plus bar, and they didn’t rhyme with the idea of what I actually wanted and failed at those. 

Because what I really wanted was a business I can build part time with very low start up cost, zero or tiny over heard, that I can leverage social media plus has a global outreach and its affordable for anyone both lower class and middle class that want to make a difference and change levels in their lives. Now that’s being specific!

So the moment I was specific about what am looking for, that’s when I found Network marketing and Helping Hands International.

So, next time, you want something, don’t just rush to look for it, rather think, be specific and know exactly what you want in detail. That’s how you can find what you really want with ease.

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