We are our own Worst Enemies

​I know this may sound weird but read through to get my point.

Most of the things we experience in Life are either within our control or out of our control. And when we experience disappointments, challenges etc, we tend to look outside for whom to blame. I will use scenarios to explain circumstances within our control and those out of our control and how we are our worst enemy. Let me use myself for example (a):

I used to blame people, my team  as the reason why my business was stagnant and never bothered to look at my work ethics and how laser focused I am. Till, I came across of a video seminar by Jim Rohn, who said 

“work on yourself more than you work on your business”. 

Thus I delved into personal development and my business improved because I had changed my mindset, gotten rid of all the distractions etc.

Another quote from Jim Rohn, that will help buttress my point is 

” Its not about what happens to you, but what you do with what happens”. 

In Life, certain circumstances outside our control do happen, and we have only two choices – to react or to respond.

Let me use the Recession for example (b) Nobody knew this was coming  last year 2015, but it happened and the Nation is worst hit. The common man is spending more than he earns, business environment is getting tougher etc. Some people are reacting by blaming the government, the presidency, their employees etc, while some people embraced the situation, adjusted themselves, kept an eye for opportunities that thrive in times of recession like Network marketing, export business etc. And just like the seasons, recession will pass and guess what, those who kept complaining without leveraging opportunities may end up poor or ruined, while those who worked tirelessly with new found recession proof opportunities will be rich and smiling to the bank.

So, before you take up your hand to blame or go to Church and pray for your worst enemy to perish, look hard in the mirror because we are our own worst enemy and most times we are the reason why we don’t achieve the desired success we are destined to achieve.

Happy Weekend

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