Always be Grateful

​Life most times is like a Rollercoaster. Its filled with ups and downs, some within our control, most out of our control. And most times we get caught up in it that we focus our energy in complaining and wishing things will be perfect. In doing this, we forget that everything happens for a reason (even though some events can’t be explained).

So, what should we do?


(Being grateful means showing appreciation)

So, show appreciation for life, for good and bad times, for expansion, recession and depression etc. Because when you start being grateful, life will take in a whole new meaning, you will be at peace and most importantly, you will be more aware of opportunities hidden behind the bad times.

I know its not an easy thing to do, because to complain and wish are too easy that we choose to do them rather than be grateful. It takes discipline.

My own way maybe to say a prayer thanking the Almighty God for everything or help others by sharing opportunities, my inspirational and motivational messages. Maybe yours is to tithe, give alms etc, whatever option you choose as a way to show appreciation. What matters the most, is doing it (action).

So as you get ready to go about your day and head into the weekend, ask yourself;

“Are my being grateful for life? Are my appreciative of both the good and bad times?”

Because if you adopt this philosophy, you will start gaining clarity, peace of mind and will be more open to see opportunities hidden in every bad situation (even in recession).

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