The biggest mistake we make in life is lying to ourselves

I know this for a fact because I have made this mistake a lot of times. Most of the times, the lies I tell myself are, ” I can’t do it”, “am doing my best (when am being mediocre)” and when “I claim to understand it (when I haven’t really understood the basics) etc
After gaining clarity (which is a never ending process), I came to realize that the best thing you can tell yourself is the TRUTH because it helps you accept where you err and what you have to do to become better than you currently are.

I experience a lot of people who lie to themselves in my career as a Network marketer, whether a colleague in the industry or a prospect,  because of fear, ego, settling for status quo, low self esteem etc.

If you are among these people, take a long look on the mirror as you are about to start your day and ask yourself,

” Am I being truthful to myself?”

NB: Optimism is great but it isn’t lying to yourself especially when it involves changing your habits or becoming a better person, or doing what you need to do so you can have your dreams etc.

Have a great Thursday!

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