Take a Job to learn or find who you are, not for the money alone

​I remember back in 2012 when I got the SMS that I was successful at the Diamond Bank Job Interview, and called my folks to inform them. They were highly excited, finally a high paying job!. #hahahaha

Guess what, I wasn’t excited much because 

1) I never wanted to work in the banking industry. 

2) I was running my MSc in Brewing (I love the art and science of brewing alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks) and I knew once I took the job, that I will have to quit my Masters program plus I was working as a Chief Microbiologist with good pay (#50k + apartment) at that time.

My decision changed when I  seeked advice from my uncle (very successful man & mentor) and he told me to go take the job maybe not for the money but to go learn because it has more learning opportunities with the toughness of the industry and the training packages they have for their staffs.

That’s how I became a Banker and my curiosity to learn drove me from the Customer service desk to Marketing that everyone was so scared of. #hahahaha

That curiosity to learn drove me to show up everyday for 3 years plus and got me prepared when the right industry for me came, which is Network Marketing.

The path that I took to go learn rather than settling for what I already have, changed my life entirely. Not because of money, but because of the lessons I learnt during those years in the banking sector.

Ask yourself, “other than money, what am I learning from my job?” because that’s what will make you to keep on showing up every single day excited.

#learn #brewing #money #networkmarketing #chukwukaobeleagu #advice 


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