If you don’t have Time Freedom, you are not Wealthy

​When I was working in the banking sector, I was ignorant of what wealth really means. I was unaware of its relationship to time freedom, thinking its cool to be so busy and unavailable to loved ones, and the biggest illusion of all, was thinking that a big paycheck will guarantee wealth for me.

It was until I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book titled “Cashflow Quadrant” that I understood the difference between exchanging time for money(job) and building an asset (business) that allows time freedom. It also explained wealth which I’ll illustrate:

If am 65 years old and retired with a savings of #1,000,000 and a monthly expense of #20,000. What it means is that am only 4 years and 2 months (50 months) wealthy. That means at 69+ I will have to find a Job or rely fully on my kids till I hit the grave.

So with this understanding, I became self aware that I desire time freedom and a never ending wealth. This led me into several ventures like stock, transport, oil & gas (retail) and bar etc till I stumbled into Network marketing which offers an opportunity to building an organization based on leverage that will provide cashflow and time freedom.  Let me illustrate:

Am 28+ and am currently building my organization partnering with an International NGO called Helping Hands International which is focused on alleviating poverty at a global scale through human capacity development, which may take me 5-10 years to build a solid organization. That means at 38+, my organization becomes an asset that pays me till I hit the grave and also my kids can inherit the organization I have built. But because I love what I do, I know for a fact that I will dedicate my lifetime helping others achieve what I have achieved, travel the world, have fun and spend time with loved ones and live a memorable life with no limit.

So I urge you to audit yourself by asking this question,

“Is what am currently doing whether a job or business going to offer me Time freedom and enough wealth when I stop working?”

Because Time is the most valuable asset on earth (not money).

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