Garbage In, Garbage Out

​I can remember clearly when I was undergoing basic computer training, these words came up frequently;

 “Garbage In, Garbage Out”

Simply means, whatever instruction you input into the computer, is what you get in return i.e. output. (Hope the explanation is clear). But this same rule, doesn’t apply only to Computers, it also applies to Humans in general. Because we are a sum total of the experience, exposure,  background, family, friends we spend time with, books we read, movies we watch, music we listen to, the environment where we stay etc.

All these I mentioned above, are what has being inputted in us consciously or unconsciously, and how we see life, how we react to things, how talk, walk, behave is a result of all these information we have being soaking up since we were toddlers.

But does it mean, we can’t change or rectify whatever result we are manifesting in our lives?

The answer is NO, we can CHANGE because change is the only constant thing in Life and it starts from us individually.

To achieve that we need to start auditing what we input into our mind consciously or unconsciously e.g. who are our friends? What books, audio or video do we read, listen or watch? what environment are we living in? What are we focusing on? Etc

Our mind is like the garden, what we sow in it, is what we reap. If we allow weeds to grow, it will cause damage to our garden. If we sow positive seeds/thoughts, we will reap positive result; but if we sow negative seeds/thoughts, we will definitely reap negative result.

So as we embark on this new week, always ask yourself, 

“what kind of seed am I planting in my garden/mind? Because what you sow, is what you shall reap”

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