No matter the Motivation you receive, only you can Inspire yourself to Act

​I love motivational speakers, books and quotes because they get me excited about achieving my dreams and leaving a legacy in this world. 

But guess what?

Motivational speakers, books and quotes are not enough to make me go do what it takes to achieve my dreams. It takes me inspiring myself to get up and go do something about it everyday.

In my profession as a Network marketing professional, I have seen a lot of people who complain and wish they had an opportunity to go make a difference in their life, and when you motivate them to look at your opportunity or maybe even get them join your team.

Automatically, when it comes to making the decision to do what it takes by taking massive action, they don’t. Why?

Because they haven’t inspired themselves enough to take action. And no matter the amount of value and time you spend trying to convince them to take action, they won’t. #hahahahahaha 

Yet they still want to make a difference in their life. Funny right?

So, as you spend time with your family, rest and recover, here is a lesson I want you drill into your mindset.

“No motivation can help you, unless you inspire yourself to break out of your comfort zone and do something about whatever challenge you are experiencing. Only you holds the key to your success.”

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