Never Do anything just for the Money alone

​I know you are wondering why am saying, “Never do anything just for the Money alone”, and I believe that the best way to explain this is using my personal experience.

I know a lot of people who worked at Jobs, started a business or joined a Network Marketing opportunity just for the Money, and I can boldly tell you that these people are not satisfied and are always complaining or unhappy because they derive no other value that will motivate them to show up everyday.

I started and failed at businesses because I went in alone for the money, quit my first, second, third network marketing business because I joined only for the sole reason of making Money. That’s the reason I failed or quit.

It was during my Fourth network marketing business with Helping Hands International that I realised why I have being failing. It wasn’t the business fault or the network marketing companies fault, it was my fault. 

And with my present organization I found that for you  to take a job, start a business, join a network marketing business, certain intangibles will play a vital role such as Your:

> Values

> Passion

> Being a life long learner

Most important of these intangibles is being a life long learner. This gave me the reason to show up to a banking job, that I never wanted to take, for 3 years plus because I was learning and I quit when there was nothing more to learn. 

My current Network marketing organization, Helping Hands International, resonates with my values, my passion for teaching, and everyday am always learning about communication, leadership, human behavior, team building, emotional intelligence etc. Because even when business gets slow, and cashflow diminishes, I still show up and push to become more. That’s how I have being able to achieve success and still attract more bigger success.

So next time you look at any job, business or network marketing opportunity, ask yourself what other value do I stand to gain other than the Money.

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