Who is Chukwuka Obeleagu?

Chukwuka Obeleagu is First of all, a Husband and Father, then a Start up Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional, Philanthropist, and a Helping Hands Partner/Trainer.

My blog will be my voice, documenting my ventures on the Path of Entrepreneur and Network marketing. Also, quotes and trainings on how to build a Helping Hands International business while perfecting their skills, dealing with rejections, objections, leadership challenges etc

You can also follow me on other socials:

  • YouTube for my biweekly trainings on building a successful Helping Hands Business. Subscribe to my channel, Chukwuka Obeleagu
  • Facebook profile: Chukwuka Obeleagu
  • Facebook Fan Page: Chukwuka Obeleagu
  • Instagram: cobeleagu
  • Twitter: cobeleagu2016
  •  LinkedIn: Chukwuka Obeleagu

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